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YBE Teachers are the BEST...


Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Marianela Lopez

Thank you YBE Office Staff


Thank you,  Mrs. Nora Vela, Mrs. Elma Torres, Mrs.  M. G. Rios,

Mr. Alberto Escobar, Mrs. Isabel Escobar and Mrs. A. Rosa

Gladiator Wall of Fame


The vision of Ynes B. Escobar Elementary School with team work of the administration, faculty, staff, parents and community is to create an atmosphere of collaboration, mutual acceptance and community of goals in order to foster the educational success and academic excellence of all students.



Mr. Edgar Garza 


The mission of the administration, faculty, staff, parents, and community of Ynes B. Escobar Elementary is to provide a caring environment in which every child is respected and is given the opportunity to develop character, attitude, and value to acquire skills necessary in this contemporary society in order adapt to change and remain open to progressive techniques.  The curriculum is designed to be developmentally appropriate which emphasizes high academic standards which will serve the educational, physical, social and emotional needs of every child.  This will create a positive atmosphere which will lead to superior academic achievement so that each child will become a productive members of society.